Kyra, too old for tumblr
We got a puppy!! Meet Toffee :)



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Peach Cookies

My aunt makes these all the time!!!!!!

I just woke up from a really awful dream about someone I already hate and I think if I saw her today I’d probably rip her tits off


rub my back and make my decisions for me

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that feel when you wanna disappear from everyone to get your shit together

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I have reached this Tyrannosaurus through this interesting entry on wikipedia: List of transitional fossils (fossilized remains of any life form that exhibits traits common to both an ancestral group and its derived descendant group… more).
By Copyright © 2005 David Monniaux (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Leonids from Leo
Is Leo leaking? Leo, the famous sky constellation visible on the left of the above all-sky photograph, appears to be the source of all the meteors seen in 1998’s Leonids Meteor Shower.
Credit: Juraj Toth (Comenius U. Bratislava), Modra Observatory


Do ur squats eat ur vegetables wear red lipstick don’t let boys be mean 2 u

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Stathams Quarry, Western Australia
got these skinny jeans on


cant bend my knees 

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Has anyone else ever broken their boyfriends car door? Bc I just broke my boyfriends car door.