"Strange tradition from the forgotten rural years." Bees attend keeper’s funeral, 1956.

a girlfriend is a potential wife if you ask me. relationships are investments not hobbies. y’all gotta grow up.

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I got Jamie T tickets I’m going to Jamie T I’m going to Jamie T I’m going to Jamie T!!!!


I wonder how Jesse Pinkman is doing


Rain falls on Hong Kong’s #UmbrellaRevolution
SCMP: Protesters in Hong Kong have defied heavy rain as they continue to gather on the eve of China’s October 1st National Day, a major public holiday celebrated across the country, to protest the city’s embattled chief executive and to fight for democratic elections.
Photo: Rain falls on Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay (Felix Wong)

if i don’t get jamie t tickets tomorrow i’m going to delete myself from every form of social media and never leave the house again i’ll probs sit and get fat and cry myself to sleep for the rest of my days

Anonymous asked: How many tattoos do you have?

just two


a quickting of the three beggars